Introduced by US soldiers during the Vietnam War the 'Woobie' or poncho liner is a highly valued piece of kit. During the cool tropical nights in the jungle, the woobie provided comfort and warmth to military troops.

Made with two layers of nylon surrounding a polyester filling the army poncho liner is stitched along the sides and across ensuring a very strong and versatile bit of gear.

So, with that being said, what are the top 10 uses for a military man or women's poncho liner?

1.Its crazy, because it is only a very thin material, however the design behind it traps all the heat from your body and keeps you warm!

2.It is light and can compact into a small roll, but it comes right back when unrolled. The fill expands back to it's original size instantaneously, making it the perfect quick fix mattress/floor liner!

Line your mattress for added padding and warmth.

3. You can use it to shelter from the rain, it's not completely waterproof but it dries quickly.

4. You can also use the military poncho liner to create a half tent/arrow head basha either for sleeping under of for catching some shade.

  1. Poncho liner tent makeshift shelter

5. If you can't sleep on the floor there is always the woobie hammock option!

6. A lady on Amazon said "it was my tissue when I cried, was my shower curtain during one field exercise and was and has been my favorite blanket".

A way to sit comfortably on rough terrain

7. Like the name sounds, the woobie can simply be something warm and soft to hold on to when you're cold, hungry, tired and missing home. A security blanket of sorts.

8. Concealment.

A soldier loving his woobie

9. Use it as a carry sack or transportation device!

10. Last but not least, my favourite review by a gentleman on Amazon "It is like wrapping yourself in clouds".

We haven't mentioned the actual intended use of the poncho liner which is to be worn under your poncho so you're not only waterproof, you're warm!

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Multi-Terrain US Style Poncho Liner