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  1. Mil-Tec Combat Touch Glove

    Mil-Tec Combat Touch Glove
    Created for military professionals who regularly communicate using their touchscreen mobiles. Mil-Tec's smartphone gloves are constructed with a polyester/elastane blend making your touchscreen gloves lightweight and adaptable. Mil-Tec's smartphone gloves Keep your hands warm in the field while you utilize the touchable fiber tips on the glove. Save time while you choose applications and send messages on your smartphone. As you can see below these phone gloves host the...
  2. The Best First Aid Kit for under £10

    The Best First Aid Kit for under £10
    This well equipped personal first aid kit by Mil-Com is essential for those serving in the UK’s regular and reserve armed forces. Required on your kit list a first aid kit is without a doubt advantageous to have. First Aid Pouch First Aid Pouch So are you wondering what equipment you can tick off your first aid kit list? Find...
  3. Micro MOLLE Flashlight

    Micro MOLLE Flashlight
    At Survival Aids, we have an extensive range of army torches, military torches and tactical torches. But if you're looking for something travel sized that will only add a little weight to your kit then this small MOLLE Flashlight could be for you. It has been constructed to suit all MOLLE and PALS webbing systems including the most recent Virtus and Osprey carriage frameworks. Attached to MOLLE/PALS...
  4. Cree LED Helmet Cap Lamp

    Cree LED Helmet Cap Lamp
    Since 1971 Mil-Tec have been creating tactical products for the military market place. Today we introduce you to Mil-Tec's newest piece of kit, the Cree Led Helmet Lamp. Cree Led Helmet Lamp This head torch is incredibly versatile. It's foldable design allows the lamp to be positioned at a wide range of angles. It fits snugly to a range of...
  5. 10% Off Condor Tactical Clothing

    10% Off Condor Tactical Clothing
    We have teamed up with Condor Military Products to bring you great tactical gear at the best price. In this post you can find some of our top military clothes and gadgets made by Condor. At the checkout simply enter CONDOR10 to claim your 10% off! Multicam Generation 2 Battle Belt This latest gen battle belt has been re-designed with a modern body contouring shape and is half...
  6. Top tools for writing well as a military professional

    Top tools for writing well as a military professional
    Communication is the Key Communicating effectively is critical when working in a military organisation.  Writing well ensures that firstly, all personnel can understand the order properly, and secondly, that there is no room for misunderstandings or confusion. Writing is not only the most precise and effective method of communication, it functions as an efficient tool for promoting and enhancing critical thinking...

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