Published: Jul 26, 2017 by ecommerce

At Survival Aids, we have an extensive range of army torches, military torches and tactical torches. But if you’re looking for something travel sized that will only add a little weight to your kit then this small MOLLE Flashlight could be for you. It has been constructed to suit all MOLLE and PALS webbing systems including the most recent Virtus and Osprey carriage frameworks.

Attached to MOLLE/PALS

The Viper Mini Flashlight can be connected in three different places depening on your operation necessities (see photographs). The slid on the back of the torch allows you to easily attach it to MOLLE/PALS.

Mini Viper Torch

The non-reflecting dark aluminum case allows you to be stealthy at all times and it’s weatherproof “O” rings protects against the elements.

Secured in place

For it’s small size this micro torch offers an intense beam of white light when illuminated.

This flashlight unit requires only 1 x AA battery and can be easily operated using the basic on/off switch. If you’d like to get yourself this new Viper mini flashlight please follow this link.