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Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Order 2023

Light infantry battalions train to operate with minimal transport. The layout below is a typical light role infantryman CQB (Close Quarter Battle Load) also referred to as OBUA (Operating in Built Up Areas). This is a special lightweight load intended for use in built-up areas, trenches and subterranean environments for short periods.


Close Quarter Battle Order 2023

Virtus Body Armour Vest Virtus Drop Down Pouch Hydration Unit Virtus Combat Helmet Nyrex Orders Book A6 Silva Lightweight Compass (Exped 4 Militaire) Slate Cards British Army Personal Role Radio (PRR) Lightweight Belt Order System Ear Defenders Weapon Cleaning Kit Dry Bag (Small) Petzl Headtorch First Field Dressing (FFD) Tourniquet Casualty Slate Card Mechanix Combat Gloves Tactical Light Stick



1.Virtus Body Armour Vest 
2. Virtus Drop Down Pouch
3. Hydration Unit
4. Virtus Combat Helmet 
5. Nyrex Orders Book A5 
6. Silva Lightweight Compass (Exped 4 Militaire) 
7. Slate Cards 
8. British Army Personal Role Radio (PRR) 
9. Lightweight Belt Order 
10. Ear Defenders 
11. Weapon Cleaning Kit 
12. Dry Bag (Small) 
13. Petzl Headtorch 
14. First Field Dressing (FFD) 
15. Tourniquet 
16. Casualty Slate Card 
17. Mechanix Combat Gloves 
18. Tactical Light Stick