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Cooking Pots, Tins & Canteen Cups

We have high quality Cooking Pots and Tins that are perfectly suited to any outdoor trekking or camping trip, whether you’re an enthusiastic adventurer or part of the military. Our range of Cooking Pots and Tins are constructed with high quality materials including the highly conductive aluminium. Many of our pots and tins, including the Crusader 95 Pattern Metal Mug, are versatile enough to be used as either a mug or a cooking pot. This section also features Bear Grylls’ Canteen/ Cup range, offering various beneficial features including non-slip exterior, a leak-proof top, Velcro-fastening and more.
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  1. Wild Camping Compact Cook Set
    Special Price £14.95 Regular Price £19.96
  2. BCB Crusader Canteen Cup
  3. Fox Steel Frying Pan With Folding Handle
    As low as £15.49
  4. BCB Mini Mess Tin
    Special Price £7.95 Regular Price £9.50
  5. Military Stainless Steel Mug
    As low as £8.95
  6. Primus Outdoor Kettle, 0.9 Litre
    Special Price £21.95 Regular Price £22.96
  7. BCB Crusader Cup Hanging Handle
    Special Price £1.75 Regular Price £1.96
  8. BCB Mess Tins Set
  9. Budget Mess Tin Set
  10. BCB Outdoor Cooking Set
    Special Price £22.95 Regular Price £24.95
  11. BCB International Crusader Cup Mk II
    Special Price £16.95 Regular Price £19.99
  12. MFH Camping Skillet / Frying Pan
    As low as £7.95
  13. Primus 3 Piece Stainless Steel Cook Pot Set, Small
    Special Price £74.95 Regular Price £79.96
  14. Primus Aluminium Cook Pot Set & Gas Burner
    Special Price £119.95 Regular Price £125.95
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26 Items

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