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Fire Lighting Equipment

Fire lighting is an essential part of surviving the outdoors, with fire providing the heat necessary to stay warm and prevent hypothermia in extreme cold. Fires also provide you with essential cooking methods that allow you to eat. Making a fire is made simple thanks to our wide range of fire lighting tools, including everything from our Grand Fireball Flint & Striker to Turboflame Lighters and even an Osprey Survival Knife with a Flint Striker included. If you’d prefer something a little more traditional, we also have windproof and waterproof matches that burn consistently despite harsh weather conditions.
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  1. Windproof/ Waterproof Survival Matches
    Special Price £3.45 Regular Price £3.95
  2. Steel of Fire Dust
    Special Price £3.25 Regular Price £3.76
  3. Military Matchless Fire Kit
    Special Price £10.95 Regular Price £12.50
  4. Webtex Steel of Fire Firestarting Kit
    Special Price £6.95 Regular Price £9.76
  5. Firesteel Fire Starter From Web-tex
    As low as £7.95
  6. BCB Mini Fireball with Compass
    Special Price £4.75 Regular Price £5.45
  7. Ultimate Survival Sparkie
  8. BCB Magnesium Striker Fire Flint
    Special Price £6.25 Regular Price £11.95
  9. Flint Glow Marker Survival Tool
    As low as £13.95
  10. Primus Gas Cartridge Fire Starter
    Special Price £42.95 Regular Price £44.95
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15 Items

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