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  • CamelBak Lazercut Motherlode, Multicam

    This original Motherlode (US Specification model) has been updated for 2017 with the latest laser cut webbing. It is constructed from tough, abrasi...

    CamelBak Lazercut Motherlode, Multicam



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  • CamelBak MilTac M.U.L.E Multicam, 8 Litre

    Ideal for short missions and standing patrols, the Camelbak MilTac MULE features 8 litres of critical storage base plus a 3 litre Mil-Spec Antidote...

    CamelBak MilTac M.U.L.E Multicam, 8 Litre



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  • CamelBak Multicam Skirmish | 33L Cargo Plus 3L Hydration

    Ideal for extended patrols and longer missions - the brand new Camelbak Skirmish features 33 litres of storage space plus a newly designed 3 litre ...

    CamelBak Multicam Skirmish | 33L Cargo Plus 3L Hydration



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  • CamelBak Multicam Laser Cut H.A.W.G | 20L Cargo Plus 3L Hydration

    A medium sized patrol pack Ideal for day patrols and short missions - the thoroughly updated Camelbak HAWG comes with 20 litres of storage space sp...

    CamelBak Multicam Laser Cut H.A.W.G | 20L Cargo Plus 3L Hydration



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  • CamelBak Multicam Rubicon Laser Cut | 47L Cargo Plus 3L Hydration

    The CamelBak Rubicon is the new large capacity assault pack and features an impressive 47 litres of cargo space - that's 10 litres more than the cu...

    CamelBak Multicam Rubicon Laser Cut | 47L Cargo Plus 3L Hydration



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Survival Aids Ltd

Suppliers of military survival and combat equipment for the professional

British forces personnel should always be kitted out with the most effective survival and military equipment available in order to meet the often gruelling demands of training and deployment. From specialist survival products to combat equipment and uniforms, Survival Aids has focussed on meeting these requirements and we have established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of military clothing, equipment and footwear for those serving in the UK’s regular and reserve armed forces. As well as sending equipment all over the world to British Forces personnel wherever they may be deployed, we also supply contract equipment to many international armed forces. Survival Aids designs and manufactures uniforms and has supplied the armed forces of NATO member countries as well as supplying UK and international special forces groups. We are regularly contacted by theatre, TV and film production companies and have supplied equipment and uniforms for some very high profile films including James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean and Mission Impossible.  We have a wide range of products on offer that are designed to work effectively in real-world scenarios, ensuring you can operate at the highest levels during military or survival activities With such a diverse range of equipment suited to all kinds of military and survival needs, you are guaranteed to find what it is you’re looking for. From genuine survival and military clothing to navigation tools, lighting, combat accessories, outdoor cooking, shelter, survival tools and even ceremonial products, we have everything you need to complete your military equipment collection. Our products are well known for being extremely high quality to provide for even the most experienced of military survival experts. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure the products we provide to military personnel both in the UK and abroad are capable of maximising your potential in the field. Our wide range of military clothing, from thermal vests, camouflage t-shirts and combat shirts to windproofs, snugpak jackets and fashion shirts, is suited to all kinds of activities. Our military clothing range comes in a wide selection of colours and styles to suit your particular preferences, whilst we also have uniform fabrics available for customisation purposes. We supply shelter and sleeping equipment suited to professional survival activities, including multi-terrain shelters designed to offer camouflage and efficiency in all kinds of environmental surroundings. We provide both one and two man tents, along with reliable tent pegs, survival blankets, bivi bags, bungees, cords and tapes so that your camp is always fully prepared. With such a wide range of products available here at Survival Aids, we make the most of our essential knowledge and expertise regarding both military and survival clothing and equipment to provide weekly featured products that you can confidently invest in. Whether it’s a helpful navigation tool, a handy combat accessory or something to enhance your survival techniques, we will offer you weekly recommendations from the stock we have available. We also provide discounted offers to those who are seeking a handy bargain in our clearance zone, so check back to see the high quality products that are going for a cut price every now and then. For more information, visit the Contact Us page and we’ll provide you with all the information you need regarding our services here at Survival Aids.
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Military Kit Sale | Survival Aids
5:11 Summer Sale





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2017-03-24 14:11:50

Today we’ve been looking at Petzl’s latest range of tactical headlamps; the Strix IR and VL. These headlamps offer a vast array of features and are extremely different from your standard head torch. Starting at £69.95 for the non-infrared model and £94.95 for the infrared model these torches are not cheap and at this cost you expect a very high quality.

Battery Life

So to start us off the construction of these head lamps feels very secure and all the moveable parts and switches have a solid feel to them giving you confidence that they can take a lot of punishment. The Strix operates on only one AA battery and can illuminate at up to 40 lumens for 4.5 hours. If you reduce this down to 0.4 lumens you will benefit from a massive 65 hours of continuous light. I can safely say that over the duration of this review the intensity of the light never seemed to decrease either and all of this is from just one AA battery!

Visible Light Modes

In visible white light mode you can select between three modes; stealth mode, close range vision mode and movement mode. The Strix IR and VL also incorporates Red, Green and Blue lighting modes. These can be changed using the locking rotary wheel on the rear of the headlamp. Switching between lighting modes is simple with a turn to the left or right however changing between the colours can take a bit of practice. The Red lighting mode is ideal when you don’t want to illuminate half the countryside but just need a low intensity light to read a map with for example. [caption id="attachment_1564" align="alignnone" width="300"] Strix Red Lighting Mode[/caption]

Noisless Switches

The Strix headlamps have been designed specifically for tactical operations. It incorporates noiseless switches that even with gloves on can be easily manipulated without alerting the enemy of your position. When using the lighting modes the Strix always uses discreet mode first of all which is another of its safety features when using it in the field.

Mounting Options

There are a number of different mounting options for the Strix which include on the helmet, assault vests/chest rigs, on the head with the included adjustable elasticated headband or around the neck. These features are great as they allow you to keep your hands free at all times. [caption id="attachment_1566" align="alignnone" width="300"] Strix Helmet Mount[/caption]

Double Rotation System

With a traditional head torch movement is often limited to a few degrees up and down. What we love about the Strix is the ability to direct the beam exactly how you want it. The double rotation system of the body and head allows for a large arc of movement - 180 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically.

Infrared Mode

The Strix IR also features an Infrared vision mode which can be set to close range mode, movement mode and blinking IFF (indication friend or foe) mode. In IFF mode the Strix IR will give you 40 hours of life.  Both switches for IR and visible light mode are very distinct to avoid any error when changing between the two. Weighing in at only 100g The Strix is incredibly lightweight and the compact design means you’ll still have space in your kit for other essential equipment. Despite the high price tag we really like Petzl’s Strix headlamps for their number of features, ease of use and rugged durability.

Tried & Tested: Tactical Petzl Strix Headlamp's

2017-01-05 11:36:32

  • Airbourne Webbing Set, MTP

    Airbourne Webbing Set, MTP


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  • Altberg Mens Sneeker Aqua MOD Brown

    Altberg Mens Sneeker Aqua MOD Brown


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  • Breech Tool Weapon Cleaning Tool

    Breech Tool Weapon Cleaning Tool


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  • Petzl Strix IR Infra Red Black Head Torch

    Petzl Strix IR Infra Red Black Head Torch


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  • Waterproof 300S MAX Case, With Foam

    Waterproof 300S MAX Case, With Foam


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  • Waterproof 505PU MAX Case With Elasticated Organiser

    Waterproof 505PU MAX Case With Elasticated Organiser


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  • Waterproof 1100S MAX Rifle Case

    Waterproof 1100S MAX Rifle Case


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