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  • Cree LED Helmet Cap Lamp Plus Red Filter

    Powerful clip on helmet/cap lamp featuring a powerful yet efficient Cree LED chip unit. Also features powerful 2000 times zoom with an illumination...

    Cree LED Helmet Cap Lamp Plus Red Filter



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  • MTP ID Card Holder Neck Wallet

    Innovative MTP ID Card Holder Neck Wallet is the ideal way of keeping your identity cards, passes and bank cards secure and close to hand. Construc...

    MTP ID Card Holder Neck Wallet



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  • Mil-Tec Softshell Gloves, Multi-Terrain

    These multi-purpose windproof, cold weather gloves from Mil-Tec are constructed from multi-terrain fabric with a Thinsulate™ layer and a fleece lin...

    Mil-Tec Softshell Gloves, Multi-Terrain



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  • Wallet Ninja 18 in One Credit Card Tool

    Put a tool kit in your wallet or ID card holder with the Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 credit card tool. Forged from four times heat treated 1.5mm thick ste...

    Wallet Ninja 18 in One Credit Card Tool



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  • Large MTP Stash Bag

    Large MTP Stash Bag ideal for storing and organising smaller items that need to be kept separate. Great for shoe cleaning kits and as a military wa...

    Large MTP Stash Bag



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Survival Aids New Arrivals

Survival Aids Ltd

Suppliers of military survival and combat equipment for the professional

British forces personnel should always be kitted out with the most effective survival and military equipment available in order to meet the often gruelling demands of training and deployment. From specialist survival products to combat equipment and uniforms, Survival Aids has focussed on meeting these requirements and we have established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of military clothing, equipment and footwear for those serving in the UK’s regular and reserve armed forces. As well as sending equipment all over the world to British Forces personnel wherever they may be deployed, we also supply contract equipment to many international armed forces. Survival Aids designs and manufactures uniforms and has supplied the armed forces of NATO member countries as well as supplying UK and international special forces groups. We are regularly contacted by theatre, TV and film production companies and have supplied equipment and uniforms for some very high profile films including James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean and Mission Impossible.  We have a wide range of products on offer that are designed to work effectively in real-world scenarios, ensuring you can operate at the highest levels during military or survival activities With such a diverse range of equipment suited to all kinds of military and survival needs, you are guaranteed to find what it is you’re looking for. From genuine survival and military clothing to navigation tools, lighting, combat accessories, outdoor cooking, shelter, survival tools and even ceremonial products, we have everything you need to complete your military equipment collection. Our products are well known for being extremely high quality to provide for even the most experienced of military survival experts. We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure the products we provide to military personnel both in the UK and abroad are capable of maximising your potential in the field. Our wide range of military clothing, from thermal vests, camouflage t-shirts and combat shirts to windproofs, snugpak jackets and fashion shirts, is suited to all kinds of activities. Our military clothing range comes in a wide selection of colours and styles to suit your particular preferences, whilst we also have uniform fabrics available for customisation purposes. We supply shelter and sleeping equipment suited to professional survival activities, including multi-terrain shelters designed to offer camouflage and efficiency in all kinds of environmental surroundings. We provide both one and two man tents, along with reliable tent pegs, survival blankets, bivi bags, bungees, cords and tapes so that your camp is always fully prepared. With such a wide range of products available here at Survival Aids, we make the most of our essential knowledge and expertise regarding both military and survival clothing and equipment to provide weekly featured products that you can confidently invest in. Whether it’s a helpful navigation tool, a handy combat accessory or something to enhance your survival techniques, we will offer you weekly recommendations from the stock we have available. We also provide discounted offers to those who are seeking a handy bargain in our clearance zone, so check back to see the high quality products that are going for a cut price every now and then. For more information, visit the Contact Us page and we’ll provide you with all the information you need regarding our services here at Survival Aids.
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Military Kit Sale | Survival Aids
5:11 Summer Sale



Thank you for entering the recent Snugpak Giveaway competition. The winner of the Snugpak MTP Sleeper Lite Sleeping Bag is: Andrea Ronald Apologies if you didn't win this time - however we are offering all competion entrants 10% off all sleeping bags - just enter discount code ‘SLEEP10’ at the checkout. [caption id="attachment_1818" align="alignnone" width="500"]Get 10% off all military sleeping bags NOW! 10% off all Snugpak Sleeping Bags[/caption] This means you can get the Snugpak Sleeper Lite, MTP for just £36.86!   You can also get 10% off any of our other sleeping bags, including our Snugpak Elite and Softie ranges, as well as our military sleeping systems comprising military sleeping bag and bivi bag. Click here now to see our full range...  

Did you win our Snugpak Sleeping Bag?

2017-07-19 15:31:29

Since 1971 Mil-Tec have been creating tactical products for the military market place. Today we introduce you to Mil-Tec's newest piece of kit, the Cree Led Helmet Lamp.   [caption id="attachment_1794" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Cree Led Helmet Lamp[/caption] This head torch is incredibly versatile. It's foldable design allows the lamp to be positioned at a wide range of angles. It fits snugly to a range of caps, helmets, bush hats and MOLLE webbing options. [caption id="attachment_1796" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Clip on lamp features[/caption] This clip on lamp features a powerful yet efficient Cree LED chip unit which gives it an amazing 2000 times zoom with an illumination range of 150m. The lens itself sits within robust housing which also has a simple to operate push and pull zoom system allowing you to focus the beam at will. Ideal for use with Virtus, Osprey and other assault vest systems. It is fully MOLLE compatible. [caption id="attachment_1797" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Unique folding design makes it very flexible[/caption] Weighing in at just 64 grams this tactical piece of kit won't add much to your pack and it runs using standard, easy to replace triple AAA batteries. [caption id="attachment_1812" align="alignnone" width="1500"]Protecting night vision with red filter Miltec CREE head torch with red filter[/caption] If you want to use it for map reading you can use the red filter by holding your hand over the torch itself.

Only £9.50

Cree LED Helmet Cap Lamp

2017-07-14 14:43:11

  • CamelBak Multicam Rubicon Laser Cut | 47L Cargo Plus 3L Hydration

    CamelBak Multicam Rubicon Laser Cut | 47L Cargo Plus 3L Hydration


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  • Mil-Tec A5 Notebook and Binder Cover, Multi-Terrain

    Mil-Tec A5 Notebook and Binder Cover, Multi-Terrain


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  • Paracord Large Military Survival Kit, Black

    Paracord Large Military Survival Kit, Black


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  • Mil-Tec Combat Touch Glove, Olive Drab

    Mil-Tec Combat Touch Glove, Olive Drab


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  • Helikon Tex Super Tarp Basha, MTP-Compatible

    Helikon Tex Super Tarp Basha, MTP-Compatible


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  • Tactical MOLLE Flashlight

    Tactical MOLLE Flashlight


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  • Tactical Patrol Gloves, Multi-Terrain

    Tactical Patrol Gloves, Multi-Terrain


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