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For over 160 years, UK-based BCB International has built upon it's knowledge and expertise in developing military, outdoor and survival equipment for defence forces around the world. BCB is a manufacturer and supplier of specialist equipment including personal and group survival equipment, personal military and tactical gear and lots more. If you've served in either British or NATO-based forces, it is likely you've used equipment either developed, supplied or manufactured by BCB. BCB is renowned for it's range of personal survival equipment, including survival kits, components and accessories. Below is our range of the most popular BCB equipment...

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    • IRR
    BCB Chameleon 3 Colour Multi-terrain Camo Cream Compact
    Special Price £3.95 Regular Price £4.45
  1. BCB Soap Dish
    Special Price £1.95 Regular Price £1.99
  2. Cam Cream 3 Pack, BCB
  3. Wallet Survival Tool
  4. Twist Razor
    Special Price £4.95 Regular Price £5.25
  5. Micro Torch II
    As low as £2.99
  6. BCB Commando Wire Saw
    As low as £3.95
  7. UK Forces Fox System Basha
    As low as £80.95
  8. BCB Waterproof Dry Bag 60L or 90L
    As low as £27.95
    • IRR
    BCB Bushcraft Camouflage Stick
    As low as £3.50
  9. Cyalume Mini Lightstick (3 Hours)
    As low as £0.31
  10. British Forces Wesco MTP Camo Cream
    Special Price £2.50 Regular Price £5.95
  11. Ultralight Bath Towel
    Special Price £5.95 Regular Price £6.95
  12. Military Steel Dog Tags with Silencers
    Special Price £1.95 Regular Price £3.50
  13. MTP Brown Duct Tape
    Special Price £1.95 Regular Price £1.99
  14. BCB Survival Essential Kit
    Special Price £29.95 Regular Price £32.95
  15. BCB Tick Removal Kit
  16. Multicam Combat Wash Bag
  17. Stainless Folding Mini Scissors
    Special Price £1.95 Regular Price £2.49
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Items 1-36 of 121

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