Published: Aug 02, 2017 by ecommerce

This well equipped personal first aid kit by Mil-Com is essential for those serving in the UK’s regular and reserve armed forces. Required on your kit list a first aid kit is without a doubt advantageous to have.


First Aid Pouch

So are you wondering what equipment you can tick off your first aid kit list? Find out the contents of this first aid kit below.

2 x adhesive wound dressings

Adhesive Wound Dressing

5 x rolls of gauze bandage

Gauze Bandage

6 x adhesive bandages

Adhesive Plasters

1 x zinc oxide adhesive plaster

Zinc Oxide adhesive plaster

10 x cotton wool buds

Cotton Buds

6 x antiseptic swabs

Antiseptic Swab

Plastic splinter forceps

Plastic Splinter Foreceps

6 x alcohol prep pads

Alcohol Prep Pad for Professional and Hospital use

10 x cotton wool balls

Cotton Wool Balls

6 x povidone-iodine prep pads

Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad

2 x sterile eye pad

Eye Pad

Mini folding scissors

Foldable Scissors

Belt Loops

Despite being small in size this kit is surprisingly well stocked with first aid items. Plus weighing only 140g this makes it an ideal emergency first aid kit for those who travel often.

All of these items come neatly packed in a tactical olive green pouch with quick access zip and belt loops on the back. Dimensions: L14.0cm x W5.5cm x H11cm.

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