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British Forces Kit Layouts - Combat Equipment Fighting Order

Light Infantry battalions train to operate with minimal transport. They are equipped with the full range of small arms, mortars, anti tank weaponry and surveillance equipment. Employed in all major UK operations, the layout below is a typical light role infantryman CEFO load and includes everything a soldier needs to sustain themselves for a 24hr period.


Combat Equipment Fighting Order - Light Role Infantry Unit

AKU Pilgrim Dry Sack Camelbak Motherlode Lite Cold Weather Glove Leatherman Breechtool British Army Knife Camo Compact 24 Hour Ration Pack 24 Hour Ration Pack Spork Keela Jacket PCS Duty Belt British Army MTP Shirt Dry Sack Snugpak Sleeka Combat gloves Bush hat Sunglasses Waterproof Notebook Pens Tams Field Binder Map case Tourniquet Thermal Mug Jetboil Zip Stove 58 Water Bottle Sand Bag Beanie Hat Webbing Set Sniper Tape Kevlar Helmet Scrim Net



01 Personal Role Radio (PRR)
02 L109A1 Hand Grenade
03 6 x 5.56mm NATO Magazines
04 Magazine Speed Loader
05 VIPIR 2S Handheld Thermal Surveillance Sight
06 N150 Smoke Grenade
07 Petzl Tactikka+ )
08 Modular Night Vision Device
09 Spectre Scrim Net 
10 Kevlar Helmet
11 MTP Sniper Tape 10m
12 Webbing Set 
13 Benny Hat, Olive Green
14 Issue Sandbags
15 58 Water Bottle & Mug 
16 Jetboil Zip Stove
17 Vacuum Thermal Mug
18 C.A.T. Tourniquet
19 Map in Aloksak Cover
20 Rite in the Rain Tams Field Binder
21 M-Pact Gloves Coyote 
22 Outbreak Protector Sunglasses 
23 Rite in the Rain 
24 Staedtler Lumocolor pens 
25 Bush Hat
26 British Army Knife 
27 MTP Tan Leatherman Rebar 
28 Breechtool
29 CamelBak UK Motherlode Lite
30 X-Lite Dry Sack 40L 
31 AKU Pilgrim GTX Brown 
32 Cold Weather Neoprene Glove
33 Camo Compact 3-Colour 
34 24 Hour Ration Pack 
35 Spork, Military Green 
36 Keela Multicam SF Jacket
37 PCS Duty Belt 
38 Snugpak Sleeka Jkt 
39 X-Lite Dry Sack 40L 
40 British Army MTP Shirt